Jakob Østergaard Hegelund

Tech stuff of all kinds


CV and other information about me is available at my linkedin profile.

Aside from the hard numbers, I am a guy who work with technology at many levels. I work with software development in my day job and do a fair bit of other "computer related" work as well. When not at work and not spending time with my family, I brew beer, I bike, I run, I attempt to play a guitar, I photograph animals and landscapes, I fix things on the house, I cook food, I mow the lawn and what have you... I try to always keep learning, whatever I do.

Somehow, and this is definitely deliberate, science finds its way into many of the things that I do. If something can be measured, compared and reasoned about, I would be a sinner not to :)

Like father, like son. Me and the little guy taking a nap on the floor.