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My first 12h (well 6.5h) solo race


I signed up for the Stamina12 race some time ago, wanting to try my luck at a solo 12h race. Due to various circumstances (family, job, selling house, lots of excuses) I did not actually train for this though. I had my training well thought out, but it just never materialized. A month before the race I seriously considered just selling my entry because I was so ill prepared, but in the end I decided to give it my best shot.

Well so I did, this saturday. I ended up number 68 out of 113 which, considering that I called it quits after 6.5 hours on the track, is not as absolutely terrible as I feared it would be.

So why did I chicken out early? Especially my upper body was simply "spent" and I started making really silly mistakes and taking falls where I should be perfectly able to ride safely. There were other factors (which I will get back to), but my own safety was the primary concern. I do not race for a living, I race because I like to.

I have raced before, just never a 12h solo. In the past, my main trouble has been with the bike, not with the body. This time I was better prepared than ever before - on the mechanical side - and I believe that my bike could have made it through the full race.

Here is a list of things that helped and stuff that I just got right:

The following are issues I need to address next time:

The quick statistics of my race are:

WhatHow much
Ride timeAbout 6hr 30min
DistanceAbout 70km
Vertical climbAbout 1500m
Energy consumedAbout 2000 kcal
Energy spentAbout 3000 kcal
Placement68 of 113

For me this was a fantastic race. I would like to have done better (of course), but I gave it my best shot and I learned some valuable lessons. Next time I will do better.