RAID Reconfiguration Tool

The RAID Reconfiguration tool can re-configure existing RAIDs, for example re-sizing or converting between RAID levels.

The tool was written by Jakob Østergaard (, but is currently maintained by Danny Cox (

Status is, that we do not currently know of any critical bugs in the software, it has already been used for both conversion and re-sizing of various arrays. However: it is very likely that there are serious bugs that will destroy your data, possibly even on disks not related directly to the array you are re-configuring.

The software is available for download below, and we would like to hear about your experiences using it. But please, keep backups of your data !

The Authour and the Maintainer takes no responsibility what so ever regarding the stability of the software, or even it's usefulness for any particular purpose what so ever. If it destroys your data, we're sorry, but we cannot take any responsibility what so ever for damages caused directly or indirectly in any way by this software, the use of the software, or any other action involving this software.

The software is published under the GNU Public License. Download at your very own risk.