The ANTS Load Balancing System - Info

When and Why ?

Development was started in may/july 2000 by me, the author, Jakob Østergaard. I needed a good queuing system for large scale compilations, and found that the ones that were freely available were either not fast enough, or didn't work well enough. So I decided to roll my own, and here it is.

On What ?

The software is built and tested on RedHat Linux 7.0, but I think the platform list is something along the lines of: There are some requirements though:

How ?

The ANTS Load Balancing System can be used to execute jobs on a cluster, automatically selecting the best suited node for the job type given. A small utility is used to spawn jobs, it will contact the antsd daemons and have the job executed on a suitable node.
The ANTS system consists of two parts: The antsd daemons will communicate their local status (metrics) to the other daemons using a simple UDP based protocol. A job execution involves the following steps: